Chris Jackson zit zó diep in de royal family, dat hij zelfs met de (nu ex-)assistente van Kate trouwde. Nu brengt de fotograaf een prachtig boek uit van de vijftien jaar dat hij de Windsors al op de voet volgt.

"Ik kreeg net een van de eerste edities van mijn boek 'Modern Monarchy", liet de fotograaf op zijn Instagram-account weten. De Getty-fotograaf, die ook menig portret van de royals maakte, sloeg de handen ineens met Rizzoli Books voor het koffietafelboek, dat een echte musthave lijkt.

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When over a year of hard work (and 15 years of shooting!) becomes something physical and tangible that you can put on a bookshelf it’s pretty much one of the most exciting things a photographer can experience. Today I received delivery of one of the first copies of my book ‘Modern Monarchy’. Published by the incredible @rizzolibooks in association with @gettyimages it’s 255 beautifully printed pages celebrating the British Royal family today. I can remember every image I took in the book and have also written the text, introductions and captions that accompany the photos. From Sierra Leone to Papua New Guinea, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia and many, many more. It not only documents the ‘Royal Tour’ and Royal travel around the globe but also the commitment to duty, charity and of course those big historical moments that the Nation celebrates. I envisaged writing a book in a beautiful house on the side of a lake somewhere but the reality has been airport lounges, cafes, the back of planes on Royal Tour and even the occasional Uber - Whilst it certainly hasn’t been glamorous it’s brought back some amazing memories of trips and Royal visits over the last 15 years - It’s been an adventure! I’ve been lucky to have an amazing team supporting me at @gettyimages as well as a fantastic book designer and publishing team and it’s been a real honour to be associated with the @royalphotographicsociety for this project. Whilst the book comes out early October you can get a great deal now on pre-order if you click on the link in my bio. Thanks for all the kind messages I’ve had and for all the people who have ordered in advance. Why the golden pineapple? Because everyone needs a golden pineapple in their life! @rizzolibooksuk #books #publishing #royalphotographer #modernmonarchy #Rizzoli #royal #royalbook #royalfamily #princeharry #dukeofcambridge #duchessofcambridge #meghanmarkle #queenelizabeth #duchessofcornwall #princeofwales

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"Bij elke foto in het boek heb ik wel een herinnering", zegt Jackson. "Van Sierra Leone tot Japan, Nieuw-Zeeland, Brazilië, Colombia, Indonesië en nog veel meer."

Begin oktober ligt het boek in de winkels. Hieronder vind je vast een voorproefje van Chris' kunsten.


This picture I love of the #Queen from a couple of years ago never made it into the book - Goes to show what a challenge it is trying to edit and compress 15 years of photography into 255 pages! Taking colour, balance, repetition, story telling, composition etc etc into account was one of the most difficult aspects of the design. Quite simply there was so much material to choose from it was almost overwhelming and I found the edit tough but rewarding - As any photographer knows picking between your favourite shots can be a serious challenge. Fortunately we had a fantastic designer who really knew her stuff and kept me in check when I got carried away (which was all the time)! It was a big learning curve for me but ultimately an amazing experience. The GREAT news is the reason it didn’t go in was that there were so many better ones and there are many, many more of my absolute favourites images of HM in the final set. I could not be happier with the final edit - I’m sure (and hope ?) you’ll agree! #modernmonarchy #royalphotographer #Rizzoli @rizzolibooksuk @gettyimages #Queenelizabeth #royalfamily

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Another one of my favourite pictures from my visit to #Lesotho in June #princeharry @sentebale @gettyimages

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